Is there minimum and maximum age limit of who can come to Transform?
Transform is for everyone age 16 - 30.

Will Parental Consent Forms be required?
Yes – for all youth up the age of 18 years will need a parental consent form. They will be online by March 1st 2022

Will there be a vegetarian option for meals?

I have food allergies – can I have a special meal?
All meals supplied will be free from nut or shellfish which are common allergies. For those who have other allergies, please notify us. If we can not accommodate specific dietary requirements we will let you know.

Can I buy additional food on site during the weekend?
There will be a pop up coffee shop selling food and drink items at specific times during the weekend.

Where will I be sleeping?
You can camp, have floor space or there are a limited number of rooms available. Please note tents can only be shared by people of the same gender and to comply with child protection guidelines, we cannot allow under 18 year olds and over 18 year olds to share a tent.

Is there security on site?
There will be volunteers on site who will be providing security.